Risk Management
Solutions Compared

Customers who compared multiple supply chain risk management
tools described the following key differences.

Map supply chain, distribution hubs, seaports, airports, etc.
Monitor supply chain events
Contact suppliers in event area for impact
Collect confidential risk assessments from suppliers
View supplier parts/materials at risk
Unique Features
Financial Health Reports (FHR)™ predicts 90% of bankruptcies 2 years ahead
Compare supplier outage probability vs its peers
Risk prevention: assigns actions to suppliers, tracks, follows-up, trains, and supports them
Assigns risk mitigation efforts to your users
Plan transportation and view in-transit status
Unique Value
Unlimited users. Free enhancements and API
Affordable by everyone

You Can Prevent Most Supply Disruptions

Prevent 60% of supply disruptions, automatically

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Monitor threats in real-time and cut 80% of time needed to identify impacted suppliers

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Predict 90% of bankruptcies 2 years in advance

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