“The proactive approach and leading supply chain risk management capabilities were key to ensuring minimal impact to our customers during the Japan earthquake crisis.”

John Chambers, Executive Chairman

“Supply Risk Solutions gathers essential site risk assessment data, monitors crisis events and puts in place a proactive program that mitigates site risks.”

“One of the better-executed programs we have seen”

“Supply Risk Solutions saves us significant efforts, delivers essential crisis response tools, provides risk assessments and proactively mitigates risks at our supply chain sites.”

Gene Hornsby, Director of Strategic Sourcing

Industries Served



What Makes SRS Unique

1) Systematic Risk Reduction
– SRS identifies deficiencies through predictive risk assessment and then prioritizes, assigns and manages mitigation actions until closure.

2) Crisis response collaboration
– Workflow and communications tool guides geographically disbursed personnel to respond as one team.

3) SCRM + ORM risks

4) Innovation
– 30 unique innovations recognized (US Patent 8,515,804)

SRS Customer ROI

  • Revenue and brand protection – proactive risk reduction and accelerated crisis response minimize disruption impact
  • Savings – risk and compliance silos replaced by “One-Stop Shop”
  • Sourcing manager time saved – 4 days saved per supplier per year
  • Insurance – annual insurance savings and higher limits



Company Snapshot

Mission: Protect profitability and brand by reducing risks and accelerating crisis response.

Chief Executive: Patrick Brennan.

Product: Cloud-based predictive risk reduction software.

Benefits: Profit & brand protection, systems savings, massive time savings and increased reliability of internal operations and supplies.

The Story of SRS

On December 26, 2006, the Internet went dark and communications were cut to several Southeast Asian countries. The 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck off the southwest coast of Taiwan in the Luzon Strait, severing submarine communication cables, damaging buildings and causing casualties.

A Global 100 manufacturer’s crisis team sprang to action based on its supply chain risk program that covered 80% of direct spend. The CFO asked if revenue for the quarter would be impacted. The team struggled to analyze the hundreds of supplier files they had collected. Data problems were abundant: missing data, outdated info, invalid responses. In the end, its response was ineffective, and revenue lost.

The manufacturer hired Supply Risk Solutions in early 2007. The SRS program has been put to the test many times, always with great success, even in the 9.0 magnitude Great Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011.

SRS customers’ supply chains achieved exceptional resiliency standards. As a result, customers applied SRS risk management to many types of suppliers and to internal operations.

SRS developed unique technology and methods, which the US Patent Office recognized with a patent that includes 30 innovations.

SRS continues to innovate rapidly, investing heavily in advanced technologies across our products and services to enhance customer experience. Examples include:

  • Machine learning, natural language processing, sentiment analysis and text analytics
  • API for automated data integration
  • Responsive technologies that adjust to any device
  • Business Intelligence analytical tools

SRS was founded by Patrick Brennan in Silicon Valley in 2005 with the vision of lifting enterprises and their supply chains to exceptional standards. SRS effectiveness is recognized by large commercial insurers, resulting in significant insurance savings for SRS customers. Customers enjoy comprehensive revenue and brand protection, massive time and expense savings and increased reliability of internal operations and supplies.

Turnkey, cloud-based, predictive risk reduction software