Monitor threats and cut time needed to identify impacted suppliers by 80%

Your supply chain is spread throughout the world, subject to many threats. Delayed awareness and manual supplier communications slow your response, limit your alternatives, and increase your costs.

Respond to threats by contacting suppliers automatically to identify which ones are impacted. Faster response leaves you more response options and saves you money.

Key Capabilities

Map supply chain production sites and logistics hubs
Monitor news, threats & disasters​
Identify sites impacted by disasters
Plan for “what if” scenarios​
Coordinate your team’s response​

Lead Your Team to Better Performance

Your Sourcing team is on the hook to deliver constantly improving cost, quality, and delivery performance. Supply threats occur all the time. Keep your Sourcing team focused on high-value activities and let SupplyRisk Respond™ monitor threats and respond automatically.

Picture the benefits

You mapped suppliers and
sub-tier locations

You are aware of threats and impacted suppliers

You react instantly with Digital Response

You migrate risks with “what if” contingency planning

Save your Sourcing managers time, protect performance, and help your organization scale with business growth.

How Digital Response Works

Map your supply chain

  • SRS gathers production and logistics sites, product information, and sub-tiers
  • SRS adds supply chain risk data based on public and private sources
  • You see risks by geography, supplier category, tier, products, threats, etc.

Monitor threats in real-time

  • Monitor over 3 million incidents per day with no effort
  • Get notifications by email, phone, dashboard, reports, etc.
  • Keep your team aware of global threats:
    Disasters, fires, pandemic, cyber, bankruptcy, labor strife, layoffs, logistics, power, regulatory closure, bribery, fraud, fines, seaport/airport/cargo disruptions, etc.

Identify impacted suppliers when
disasters hit

  • SRS automatically contacts sites in disaster areas to identify which are impacted
  • Experience 80% reduction in time needed to quantify
  • Sourcing impact Save massive efforts

Plan for unlimited “what if” scenarios

SRS makes it simple to plan for any
risk scenario:

  • Geo-fence an area
  • Review detailed risk analysis by geography, sourcing category, team, etc.
  • Create action plans, including internal and supplier prevention actions

Coordinate your crisis response team

  • Use crisis workflow to guide your crisis response team
  • Keep your distributed Sourcing team on the same page with up-to-date impact summary and action plans

Typical Customer Experience


of suppliers provide their production & logistics sites


less time spent identifying suppliers impacted by disasters

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