U.S. Federal Agencies

Supply Chain Risk Prevention

Disruption of Massive N-Tier Supply Chains

Federal agencies need supply chain production to continue
no matter what. Yet massive, distributed supply chains are
subject to many threats such as natural disasters, pandemic,
bankruptcy, regulatory actions, site fires, logistics failures, labor strikes, etc.

Supply chain disruptions wreck your sourcing strategies,
damage your mission, and leave critical missions at risk.

When key suppliers suffer a disruption, it’s already too late.

Move from Reaction to Prevention

Imagine using cloud-based our supply chain risk prevention software and managed service to see threats that await you and prevent them. The average supplier cuts 60% of its production disruptions from disasters, fires, pandemic, etc. when they proactively put specific protections in place.

Key Capabilities

Maps & monitors n-tier supply chains (AI)
Predicts outage probability of each supplier (AI)
Incident alerts
Actively manages supplier risk prevention program (DMAIC)
Follows-up until suppliers reach low risk

Act Now

Rapid change, demanding customers, and large multi-tier supply chains leave little margin of error.

Anticipate and prevent most supply disruptions.