Predict 90% of bankruptcies
two years in advance

When a key supplier surprises you with a bankruptcy filing, it
is too late to contain the damage. Supplier bankruptcies
wreck your Sourcing plans, damage your reputation, and
break customer commitments.

Financial statements and credit reports are lagging indicators.
Their warnings come too late.

Save your organization from supplier bankruptcy shocks by
giving your Sourcing managers 2 years of bankruptcy visibility.

Key Capabilities

Analyzes financial & market data​
Assesses financial health
Explains risks in plain English​
Predicts bankruptcies
Keeps the data up-to-date​

Market Data – The Killer Feature

Market prices are predictive of future company
earnings and react instantly to all available news
Combining market and financial data gives you far
earlier bankruptcy warnings than financial data alone
Predicts 90% of bankruptcies two years in advance
Explains financial risks in plain English, easily
understood by Sourcing managers

Lead Your Team to Better Performance

It’s risky to depend on companies whose financial viability is unknown. When critical companies collapse, they wreck your performance, damage your reputation, and waste your time.

Imagine being able to identify bankruptcies so far in advance that you can avoid all the damage and make a smooth transition to other companies.

Picture the benefits

Gain ample transition time with
2-year financial warnings

Sourcing managers can easily understand the risk explanations

Update predictions for the latest market and financial data automatically

Automate financial risk
monitoring for pennies a day

SRS generates predictive financial health reports for


companies in over


equity markets

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of predictive financial health reports for public companies updated automatically

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