Put Prevention to Work

Prevention Facts

Prevention is effective

We all use prevention to reduce our personal risks. We schedule doctor’s visits, exercise, eat healthy. Companies use prevention to cut risks to employees by installing fire sprinklers or removing trip and fall hazards.

The fact that prevention is effective in many areas is intuitive and backed by data.

Risk management protections reduce outages

Production sites have 60% less production outages when they have a specific set of risk management protections in place.

This is proven by years of SRS communications with suppliers covering 28 million site disaster events.

73% manufacturers lack key
risk management protections

7 out of 10 manufacturers, both
large and small, are missing specific
risk protections proven effective in preventing disruptions.

Getting suppliers to put specific protections in place is key to reducing supply disruptions.

SRS Improves Supplier Risk Prevention

DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) is a data-driven methodology expressly
designed for managing organizational improvement.

SRS uses DMAIC to actively manage risk prevention improvements at each supplier site.


Improvement programs must be:

  • Measurable: quantify original capabilities, identify defects,
    and set objectives
  • Predictive: statistical models predict output improvement
    when objecties are achieved

SRS identified a specific set of Key Risk Predictors™ (KRP) of production disruptions. Suppliers with high KRP scores are 500% more likely to suffer production disruptions than better prepared peers in the same area.

Quantify supplier Key Risk Predictors™ (KRP):

  • Suppliers complete a predictive assessment in a secure
    SRS website and respond to disaster impact surveys
  • SRS adds risk data from many public and private data

Assess Sourcing risks:

  • Calculate supplier KRP’s vs peers
  • Analyze risks trends by geography, sourcing category,
    risk types, etc.
  • Plan for unlimited “What if” scenarios

Supplier risk prevention improvements must
be managed:

  • Assign effective site risk prevention actions
  • Ask for commitment
  • Help suppliers with free training, templates, and
  • Track & follow-up on prevention actions

Ensure that suppliers’ prevention programs stay active:

  • Enforce accountability for prevention actions and
    due dates
  • Ask suppliers to refresh data periodically

Only SRS scales risk prevention over an unlimited number of supplier sites

(US Patents 8515804 and 10853754)

What’s Under the Hood

SRS Prevention™ is our suite of unique technologies that use AI prediction and DMAIC
prevention workflow to increase the resilience of your suppliers to production disruptions.
They are the foundation underlying SRS interactive dashboards, reports, maps, and alerts.

Prevention ML™

Machine Learning-based risk
statistical models operate on
millions of supply chain records
to predict site disruptions and identify the most effective prevention actions for each site.

Prevention NL™

Prevention Natural Language™
AI generates reports and alerts in
an easy-to-understand narrative analysis format that explain risks
to risk experts and non-risk
peers alike.

DMAIC Workflow™

Manages risk improvement
across an unlimited number of
supplier sites, tailored to each
site’s unique situation.

Preventino-marginon MA™

Prevention Media Analytics™ AI evaluates over three million
media articles worldwide every
day and alerts you to significant incidents.

Dramatically Cut Supply Disruptions

Median Customer Experience


of suppliers provide all required data


of suppliers improving or compliant

SRS is the only software to manage proactive supplier risk prevention.

Only SRS individually tailors risk assessment, education, and improvement actions to each site, and manages improvements using Six Sigma’s DMAIC methodology.


You measurably reduce supply disruptions while saving your team massive efforts.