Our Mission

Use prevention to raise the resilience of entire supply chains, automatically.

Prevent Supply

SRS is cloud-based software that maps supplier locations, responds to supply threats, and helps suppliers to prevent disruptions. Your suppliers reduce production disruptions by 60% by addressing SRS risk prevention actions. That’s proven by our vast database of millions of threats and mitigation actions.

We founded SRS in Silicon Valley in 2007 with a mission to lift entire supply chains to exceptional resilience standards through prevention.

The only software to cut supply chain disruptions.

Prevention Case Study

A Fortune 50 manufacturer asked whether SRS could improve their supplier chain risk program. They had a traditional program:

  • data collection of site locations and BCP
  • threat monitoring
  • contingency planning
  • mitigation through buffer stock and multi-sourcing.

But they were missing the most essential risk tool: Prevention.


Suppliers Addressed Risks

The customer mapped, assessed, and monitored their global multi-tier supply chain nodes.

Suppliers soon understood their risks and took risk prevention actions to make production sites resilient, ultimately cutting the percentage of High Risk suppliers by more than half.

Massive Time Savings

Automating proactive risk prevention and digital response saved them massive efforts.

Fewer Disruptions

Disruptions fell as supplier put in place specific protections at their production sites.

Our Founders

Patrick Brennan
CEO & Founder

Patrick is a certified risk professional (CBCP) with deep experience in both risk management and software automation (Oracle Corp, Accenture). Patrick holds an MBA with Honors from the University of Chicago. 

Supply Risk Solutions is cloud-based supply chain mapping, monitoring, and risk prevention software (US Patents 8,515,804 and 10,853,754). Data proves that 60% of supply chain disruptions can be prevented when suppliers take specific risk prevention actions recommended by SRS.

Kate Novykova
Data Quality Management

Kate is a trained data scientist who
optimizes the SRS Predictive Risk Prevention™ engine that powers SRS Machine Learning models.

Kate earned a Masters in Computer
Science, holds multiple Microsoft and
Oracle certifications, and brings analytics experience from several software startups. Kate has been with us since the beginning in 2007.