The Only Resilience Solution Specialized for Healthcare

Learn how to move from reactive to proactive sourcing risk management.

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health systems use SRS


Strategic partnership with SRS provides supply chain monitoring and risk prevention for Vizient members”


“SRS is completely aligned with our mission to improve patients’ lives through supply chain transparency and resilience”

SRS is the only supply resilience solution specialized for healthcare

In the past, each healthcare organization’s risk program was a silo. Now, hundreds of healthcare providers and suppliers work together on risks using the industry standard established by the Healthcare Industry Resilience Collaborative (HIRC) and SRS.

Health systems can simply log in to use SRS QuickStart at no cost for worldwide monitoring of disasters, cyber threats, logistics, FDA, and more (product features PDF).

How leading health systems operationalize risk to move from reactive to proactive supply chain risk management:

1. Sourcing Strategy

Consider production locations, geopolitical & disaster risks.

2. Threat Monitoring

Monitor threats systematically, contact suppliers about impact, and take immediate action.

3. Discuss Risks

Review risks in contract negotiations & business reviews because risks are related to delivery promises.

4. Value Risk Management

Include points for risk management in scorecards and sourcing decisions.

Protect Patient Care Supplies

Patients depend on healthcare supplies for the lifesaving care they need. Yet natural disasters, pandemic, regulatory actions, bankruptcy, recalls, site fires, etc. wreak havoc on your supply chain, placing patients’ lives at risk.

When a key supplier is disrupted, it’s already too late.

Act Now

Protect patient care supplies by moving from reactive to proactive risk management.