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Supply Disruptions

Patients depend on healthcare supplies for the lifesaving care they need. Yet natural disasters, pandemic, regulatory actions, bankruptcy, recalls, site fires, etc. wreak havoc on your supply chain, placing patients’ lives at risk.

When a key supplier suffers a disruption, it’s already too late.

Collaborate on Risk Prevention with HIRC

In the past, each organization’s risk program was a silo. Now, healthcare providers and manufacturers in the Healthcare Industry Resilience Collaborative prevent disruptions, strengthen supplier-customer relationships, and improve patient care together.

Benefits include:

1. Aligned vision

Improve patient outcomes by reducing supply disruptions

2. Data

Far more healthcare supplier data than any other solution

3. Community

Rapid progress with help from your peers who paved the way

4. Technology

Collaboration platform for healthcare supply resilience

Get involved with HIRC to secure patient care supplies against disruptions

The leading healthcare supply resilience solution

The only resilience software specialized for healthcare

Supply Risk Solutions is the only supply chain risk management platform with broad support from the healthcare community.” – Becker’s Hospital Review

Vizient Inc. and SRS entered into a strategic partnership to automate supply chain monitoring and risk prevention for Vizient members, who include more than half of U.S. healthcare providers.

Providers and suppliers set SRS enhancement priorities in weekly design sessions since 2018. Read the history of healthcare risk collaboration.

#1 in healthcare supplier data

More healthcare suppliers participate with SRS because they stay in control of their data, save time, and strengthen relationships with more customers.

Patient care mission

Our mission to improve patient care through risk collaboration requires all healthcare organizations to get involved. Our unique affordability supports our mission.

Move from Reaction
to Prevention

Your suppliers cut disruptions by 60% on average by putting specific protections in place at their production sites.
Your Sourcing team saves effort by digitizing risk monitoring and prevention.

Act Now

Collaborate with other healthcare organizations to cut patient care supply disruptions.