Cut disruptions 60% as suppliers
proactively reduce their risks

When key suppliers are disrupted, it’s already too late. Instead, take preemptive action to PREVENT disruptions.

Sudden disruption of critical suppliers and partners jeopardizes Sourcing strategies, performance and your reputation. Disruptions inflict long-lasting damage as competitors make inroads into key customers.


of Gartner’s top health systems use SRS


of largest Semiconductor Manufacturers use SRS

3 million eventstracked daily

28 millionsite event history

0 downtimesince 2017

16,000active users

You Can Quickly Automate Supply Chain
Risk Prevention

Reduces disruptions 60% by managing suppliers to
proactively address their risks

Maps and monitors your supply chain, and identifies impacted
sites in disaster areas

Predicts 90% of bankruptcies 2
years ahead using market and financial data

SRS Saves You Time


You choose your suppliers


SRS contacts suppliers for you

  • Existing suppliers share data with you
  • New suppliers enter and share their data


SRS provides your team:

  • Mapping & monitoring 
  • Supplier BCP, geopolitical, financial and outage risks
  • Unique supplier risk prevention program
  • Massive time savings

What’s at Risk

Customers expect on-time delivery no matter what. Yet supply chains are subject to multiple disruption threats that can break your Sourcing plans, damage your reputation, and impact customers.

Improve Your Performance

Imagine being able to anticipate threats so far in advance that you could avoid all the damage. SRS automates risk prevention so you can lead your organization to better peformance.

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